Thursday, October 18, 2012

Running is my life

Okay in reality that title is the farthest thing from the truth. I am so out of shape and have not set foot in a gym since before being pregnant. Being pregnant for me was almost an excuse not to work out. No I am too tired to lift any weights, No my back hurts if I am on my feet for too long, I think I will just stay with my butt on this here couch instead. But the time has come for me to women up and get this little body back in shape and I think I have come up with just the plan to do it and secretly force all my friends to do so as well ; )... how you may be asking yourself? Well let me tell you, with training for a 5k! *shocked face enter here*...........I know this might sound like I am jumping off the deep end since I have not thought of working out in about 2 years but hear me out. The 5K I have chosen is called the reindeer run where everyone runs with bells on their shoes for Christmas. The fun aspect of this event is that after the run there is a huge snow ball fight followed by yummy coco. Santa will also be present for the kiddies and there will be Christmas lights and a firework show. Sounds fun right? Exactly! This is how I convinced my friends to join me in this adventure and training. By promising them that there will be fun to be had by all they jumped right on board. *enter evil laugh*
More pictures to come from crazy idea as it comes to pass, but for now I am trying to run :)

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