Monday, October 29, 2012

First Halloween

we had a very busy weekend! My hubby has to work on Halloween so we wanted to find a way to celebrate a little before hand since it is little man's first Halloween. So yesterday we went out and got pumpkins for us to carve. Little man even got his very own little pumpkin, in which he played with while daddy and I did our magic on the other two. afterwards we went to the party store and fought through the drones of people to get little man an outfit that would be warm. He was going to be a tourist but in the past few days the temp has dropped a good bit and there was just no way to keep him warm in it. We wanted to get him the Hulk outfit but they were out so we went with the monkey outfit (it was the only boy outfit in his size left).  It turned out great I think he is the cutes monkey there ever was.

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