Monday, October 22, 2012

Going for Gold!

Update on this weekends swim meet for my sister-in-law. She got 1 gold metal and 2 silver in her events. Below is a picture of her in the event she won gold. See how far ahead she was, she really did great.
After the meet we all went  home and rested for a bit then we went to Gatti Town (a really cool pizza place) to celebrate with her friends. It really was a blast and can not think of a better way to spend my Saturday.
Sunday was our recovery day were we just sat around most of the day and of course watched some football. woohoo Geaux Saint!!! The only real productive thing I did yesterday was go for a run. This was my second time to run and I would say it was a vast improvement from the first. Who knows maybe I will be ready for that race next month, well at least for the smaller race.
Now it is Monday, oh Monday how I have not missed you. My body knew it was Monday and tried to make me oversleep but thanks to little man we woke up on time to his cries for breakfast. So this morning I am just trying to stay awake and make it through Monday.

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