Friday, October 19, 2012

High five it's Friday!

High Five it's Friday!!! The end of another week. Every Friday I will be participating in the high five Friday with Lauren over at from my grey desk. If you have 5 thing you would like to share from your week please link up to her blog and join us in the fun :)
1. Yay it is getting colder and I get to pull out my scarfs
2. I got to hang out with some great friends over the weekend. P.S. the little girl is my friend kelli's and it is our plan to have an arranged marriage between our two lol ;)
3. Yummm so good
4. Who wouldn't want to hang all week with this cool kid. Oh and we are about to get our first two teeth any day now!
5. Poor Winston he is back in the cone of shame. He wont stop chewing on one of his paws, which has now gotten a sore on it, so on with the cone!

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