Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Good Evening Mr. President.

Halloween is just around the corner and I have decided to do a few post on Halloween activities.

Have you picked out your costumes? I have to be honest I don't know if I will have time to dress up, but little man will. He is going to be an old man tourist, Hawaiian shirt and all.
In my own experience the home made costumes are the most fun. First off I can try to be original and second they usually don't cost as much money. That is a win win in my book. If you are like me and wait till the last minute to get a costume and like to make them home made, look no further I have decided to provided you with a list of options. I am even including some pictures of my hubby and me in some of our own home made outfits.

here is my hubbs and I as the orbits girl and the hulk

can you guess what we are here.... Waldo and Wenda!!

Better picture of my Wenda out fit. My friend behind me is a pregnant Juno.
Here is a picture of one of my friends dressing up as house.
here is another as a lady bug.
Other Ideas
individual costumes:
1. bunch of grapes (balloons attached shirt and pants)
2. zombies are hot this year, all you need is some make up to bring it really do dead (yes I am corny)
3. Marilyn Monroe is always a go to with girls and is easy to replicate just get a white dress, red lips and a short blond wig.
4. what girl can't turn into a bunny by just adding ears
5. throw on a leather jacket, sunglasses and bandanna and be a biker or rock star.
6. road kill- dress in all black put yellow tape down the front of you and carry a fake weapon.
couples costumes:
1. a salt and battery (make with poster board)
2. clue characters (Mr. White killed Miss scarlet in the kitchen with the candle stick)
3.Hawaiian punch- girl wears grass skirt and Lia while guy wears boxing gloves
4. jack and Jill- dress normal and just carry a pail.
5. mouse and cheese. paint whiskers, fake tail, and fake ears. cheese wears all yellow and with a marker draw random circles for holes in the cheese.
 group costumes:
1. Flintstones
2. rock paper scissors
3. clue characters
4. jersey shore
6. bee hive
 Really we could go on and on with this post but I think you got it. The point is to be creative. You can be anything for Halloween so why not take advantage of this fun day of duel personalities.
And may the force be with you ;)

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