Wednesday, October 24, 2012

gobling and ghouls

Halloween post #2.

Today lets talk about decorating for Halloween outdoors. Whether you want to go all out or just a little things here or there I think we will have a few ideas for you today. note some of these pictures are my own and some of these are going to be from the Internet. If they are the Internet I will try and provide the link. Lets Begin...

First you want to start with what your guest will see first.. the yard.

This was a few years back at my sister's house we made a graveyard to greet people. This was super easy we just got some thick foam board and cut shapes of the tombstones, painted them and used dowel rods to stick them the ground.
<---we even had a few ghost roaming around.
and of course you have to have a jack'o lantern

Ideas from the web:
oh Martha Stewart so smart  in crafting show me your ways- by using poster board cut into scary shadows  and place them in your windows you will have one of the spookiest houses on the block.

Martha schools again with making ghosts out of cheese cloths to hang in your trees. instruction here
I also found that over at they have a lot of kid friendly ideas like this little jewel. .Make your house fall on the wicked witch.
There are tons of possibilities for decorating your yard. I recommend first to decided what kind of yard your family would like Kid friendly or scary. Once you have agreed upon that decided your budget $-$$$. Even with a small budget you can make your house a must see in the neighborhood. need more ideas I recommend pinterest, there are plenty of creative ideas on there to get your juices flowing. Now get to it and have a spooktastic time decorating your yard.

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