Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Hero!

A few weeks ago I fell trying to catch my son from running in a very busy parking lot. I hit a slick spot and down I went. I have been paying for that fall ever since. I wish I would have took picture of how bad I was bruised up. I was purple and blue from head to toe.  I used Lavender oil to heal the bruises along with detox baths. But the thing that I just couldn't get to heal was my wrist. When I fell I tried to catch myself and landed with most of my weight on my wrist. Needless to say it was out of commission for quite a few days. I did everything I could think of to help it heal. I wrapped it, I soaked it but as soon as I thought it was getting better I would over do it and re injure it by picking my son up or a box at work. Sick and tired of being at my wits in I got online and searched if there was and oil that I had already in my possession that would help speed this healing along and low and behold there was.

Lemongrass... lemongrass can help heal ligaments, Who knew!! So I mixed a drop of lemongrass oil with a carrier oil and massaged it onto my hand and wrist. For good measure I decided to add some valor afterwards to help aid lemongrass and to keep from re injuring it again. With in 24 hours there was a huge difference. I could lift my son with out cringing, I could actually get a few things done at work the next day that required heavy lifting. I was over the moon! I don't care what anyone says this stuff is magic in a bottle.

I am continuing to put lemongrass and valor on at least once a day till I feel my wrist is completely back to normal but I don't see that being more than just a few more days. I encourage anyone who has not tried this for an injury to do so.

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