Friday, September 27, 2013

Blue 42

Ok I don't know how many other ladies have been tricked into this but my husband convinced me and several of my friends to have a couples Fantasy Football league... Sadly it looks as if I have started to take it quite seriously. Sunday football has become pivotal in what kind of mood I am in. If my team is doing great I am in a great mood but if my team is doing poorly watch out because I may become the queen of hearts. OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

My sister has pointed out to me that I am "far to in to this" as she would put it. I must admit she might be right. I play her this week and I have shamelessly stalked her team and what she has been doing with it. I have even called to confront her on collusion with her hubby. Which in fact was so true, He has helped her pick players.  FYI he has his own team. If you know anything about FF you know this is looked down upon and is almost like cheating. So it is my mission this week to win against her.  We are currently on the fourth week and only time will tell if I will make it to the play offs. But I am checking my players almost daily to make sure everyone is still up to par. The jury is still out on if I will do this again next year. I guess it will depend on if I do well or if I end of stinking it up.

For those of you who could use a laugh I have included this hilarious video about if the rolls were to reverse in football. AKA this is me right now.

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